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The "benefits" of e-cigarettes are not harmful to people, but also quit smoking!
Time of publication:2020-05-15     Reading times:     Typeface:【largeinSmall

 1. We can be sure that e-cigarettes do not have the large amount of carcinogens and harmful substances brought about by the combustion of traditional cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide. The health hazards of qualified e-cigarettes are definitely less than those of traditional cigarettes.

  2. After the e-cigarette is finished, there will be no disgusting halitosis and smoke smell on clothes, which will not affect the family. Grandfather can hold his grandson calmly.

  3. most of the regular manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, mainly edible flavors and edible glycerin, and nicotine, these things through the atomization into the lungs, the impact of the human body geometry, still need further study, for example, nicotine in addition to addictive, has a certain impact on the nervous system, but it should be better than the burning of cigarettes, but now there are many electronic. It's also nicotine free.

  4. If e-cigarette can make a large number of old guns quit traditional cigarettes, I think it is a merit. As long as there is capital investment, there will be more e-cigarettes in the future, which will not harm the human body.

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