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Introduction and understanding of electronic cigarette
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1、 Origin of electronic cigarette

E-cigarette originated in China. The earliest e-cigarette was "Ruyan", which simulated the aroma by adding atomization. I feel that e-cigarette is an improved version of Arabian hookah, which dissolves aroma components in propylene glycol and glycerin. Arabian hookah is heated and atomized by carbon fire, while electronic cigarette is atomized by electric heating. The main solvent used in the early e-cigarettes was propylene glycol, and glycerin was used as the main solvent only from 2010 to 2012. At that time, the raw materials and formula of e-cigarettes were highly confidential by all manufacturers. Many sales information made people confused. Although we participated in the development of a lot of electronic cigarette oil, we could not recognize it when we saw the product introduction, so we needed to Judging by the smell and smoking ability, we have to admire those marketing talents at that time. A series of e-cigarette manufacturers such as Dekang and Hengxin have risen since then.

2、 Development of electronic cigarette

With the richly endowed by nature, cigarette smoke has been developed. Many people have seen similar opportunities. Yunnan is located in the border area, but tobacco has the unique advantage in flavor and fragrance. Yunnan tobacco flavors are also the most popular in the country. The three group of Yunnan tobacco occupies half of the country's tobacco. Therefore, the early electronic cigarette oil was developed by Yunnan tobacco flavor company. The flavor is mainly tobacco, and then the flavor of electronic cigarette gradually evolves into all kinds of fruit flavor, cool taste and food taste. The center of domestic food flavoring is mainly concentrated in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Therefore, the development of electronic cigarette oil in Guangzhou has gradually lost its advantages. Electronic cigarette is not the main cost and profit point. In the early days, the re purchase rate of e-cigarettes was very low. Cigarette oil was just a gift for purchasing electronic cigarette sets. Shenzhen was the center of electronic products such as batteries and nebulizers. With the special zone policy and transportation support, Shenzhen gradually formed an e-cigarette production and manufacturing center! And the consumer market is mainly Europe and the United States, domestic e-cigarette sales may be less than 10%.

With the development of electronic products and flavoring, there are three generations in the industry. The first generation mainly imitates the shape of cigarettes. The batteries and atomizers are mostly disposable. To be honest, the taste at that time was really rough. The so-called tobacco flavor was mainly burnt sweet and roasted. It can be said that the first generation of e-cigarettes was a thing that would emit smoke and looked like cigarettes; the second generation of electronic cigarettes were separated from cigarettes in shape, and the batteries were mostly recharged lithium batteries, with comfortable aroma The three generation of electronic cigarettes is typically represented by high-power nebulizer and large capacity battery. Some products are almost fist and smog. They are full of foggy feeling. The aroma of cigarette smoke is generally weak. After all, the aroma is too strong. The whole room is full of flavour, and the aroma is also cool and fruity, food. So far, e-cigarette has basically separated from cigarette and formed an independent consumer goods. At present, the popular trend of the market has changed. The high-power atomizer is gradually abandoned and tends to be miniaturized. The battery and atomizer are also more mature, and the atomization effect is better. The aroma concentration of electronic cigarette oil is gradually increased. The taste has become the main selling point. As for the Division of generations, it gradually becomes a mature consumer product.

3、 Understanding of electronic cigarette

Most of the invention and production of e-cigarettes are in China, but they are not very popular in China. Even for a long time in law, they have been in a gray area. Maybe many people who are first exposed to e-cigarettes in China think they are imported products. Early product publicity focused on smoking cessation, health, and even clear the role of tobacco poison, and even made advertisements in various TV stations. The author has been engaged in relevant product development for a long time. I am very sorry to tell you that these functions of e-cigarette have not been felt, but e-cigarette is definitely a new consumer product, like chewing gum, consumers can feel different tastes Feel the joy of body and mind. As an ordinary consumer, I think the consumer's experience is a pleasure for me!

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